The Spontaneous Combustibles improv comedy troupe provides a hilarious, smart and fast-paced evening of entertainment. Our specialized brand of humor enlivens conferences, meetings or parties, creating a performance that will be enjoyed and long remembered.

Improvisational comedy is highly interactive entertainment, where the audience’s ideas and suggestions are quickly incorporated into the performance. Each performance is unique, and the high energy of the show quickly captivates and involves the audience. Through a series of games, each with their own rules, scenes are created on the spot and can take the form of anything from a straight forward exchange to an opera or musical.

The improv format allows several advantages to you. Using information about your group, we incorporate it into the show, presenting the familiar in an exciting new way. The recognition of people and ideas on stage adds to the audience’s enjoyment in a way few other forms of entertainment can offer.

And because the performance is not set in advance, we can tailor the show to fit your needs, from one-half hour to two hours or more. The show can also be adapted to reflect a theme based on your group’s interests or the season. If you have any ideas about format, we can adapt to meet them.

Please contact us for further information about rates and available booking dates. If you would like to see us in action, we have a promotional video available.